Healthy India Mission (HIM)

We recognize the importance and need for preventive health care and for this purpose we have launched Healthy India Mission program. The Healthy India Mission program aims to preserve and promote good health, to prevent disease and disability and to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of illness. Preventive Healthcare involves measures taken to identify and minimize risk factors for disease, improve the course of treatment of an existing disease and screening for early detection of disease Another aspect of Preventive Healthcare is the early identification of high-risk individuals prone to major life-threatening illnesses like heart disease and cancers. This helps in taking timely, precautionary lifestyle modification measures or treatment.

No. of Tests

56 Tests

82 Tests

91 Tests

104 Tests & 7 Consultations

HEALTH CHECK-UP HIM-1 (Chandan health check-up) HIM-2 (Master Health check-up) HIM-3 (Comprehensive health check-up) HIM-4(Whole Body check-up)*
Complete Haemogram (22 Tests)
Diabetes Check-up (Blood Glucose Fasting , HbA1c)
Thyroid profile(T3, T4 & TSH)
Kidney Profile(Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Na, K, BUN, BUN/Creatinine ratio) )
Lipid Profile(Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL, Triglyceride, LDL/HDL ratio, Non-HDL Cholesterol, TC/ HDL Cholesterol)
Liver Profile (Bilirubin Total, Bilirubin Direct, Bilirubin Indirect, A/G ratio, Albumin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Globulin, Protein, SGPT, SGOT)
Gamma GT  
Infectious Diseases (HBsAg, HCV)  
Urine Examination(20 Tests)  
Blood Pressure  
X-Ray Chest  
Iron Deficiency Anaemia (Ferritin, Iron, TIBC, Transferrin saturation%)    
PSA for Prostrate (Male)    
PAP Smear for cervical health (Female)    
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen    
Stool Examination(7 Tests)      
Mammography for Breast Check-up (Female)      
2-D Echo & TMT for Cardiac Check-up      
PFT for Lung Check-up(Spirometry)      
Audiometry for Hearing Check-up(Audiogram)      
Bone Marrow Densitometer (BMD) for Bone Strength Check-up      
General Physical Check-up      
Diet advice by dietician      
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Check-up      
ENT for Ear, Nose & Throat Check-up      
Eye Check-up      
Dental Check-up      
Final Expert Opinion By the Doctor      
MRP  3300  5500  8500  33000
Offer Price(70% Discount)  990  1500  2550  9900
        * Available in CHANDAN HOSPITAL only

Note: The Complimentary Breakfast is given to the individuals who have opted for HIM4 profile.